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In this course, you will learn about the different areas of cognitive psychology and how they relate to designing products that improve human performance. At first, we’ll cover lower-level processes like sensation or perception; then move on to higher-level ones such as attention & memory before ending with decision making skill sets in languages lastly.

We’ll start with an overview of cognitive psychology and explore the different theories and models that have been proposed to explain how the mind works. You will learn about the different research methods used in cognitive psychology and how to apply them to your work. After that, we’ll go over the different areas of cognitive psychology, starting with sensation and perception.

You will learn about how we process information from our senses and how this affects our ability to perceive the world around us. We’ll also cover topics like attention and memory, and how they impact our ability to learn and remember information. Finally, we’ll end with a discussion of decision making and language. You will learn about the different factors that influence our decision-making process and how to use this knowledge to design products that improve human performance.

The relevance of each topic will be highlighted and discussed to help you better understand systems engineering, human factors research methods as well as the design process for evaluating these types of studies.

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Assignment Task 1: Define capabilities and limitations in human cognition.

Capabilities in human cognition refer to the ability of the human brain to remember, learn, and process information. It has been estimated that the human brain can store up to 2.5 petabytes of information (1 petabyte = 1 million gigabytes). The average person only uses a small fraction of their brain’s capacity, however, some people can utilize more of their brain power than others. One estimate suggests that Leonardo da Vinci only used around 10% of his cognitive potential.

There are also many limitations in human cognition, such as our inability to multitask efficiently, our susceptibility to confirmation bias, and the fact that we often struggle to recall information that is not “top-of-mind”. However, these limitations can also be seen as strengths in some cases, as they help us to focus on the task at hand and filter out distractions.

In general, human cognition is an incredibly complex and fascinating topic with a huge amount of research still to be done to fully understand it. However, even with the current state of knowledge, we can still appreciate the amazing capabilities and potential of the human brain.

Assignment Task 2: Describe cognitive theories involved in human factors.

There are various cognitive theories involved in human factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Event chain theory – this theory posits that there is a causal link between various events that can impact human performance. Essentially, it states that for every action there is a reaction, and understanding this chain of cause and effect can help improve human performance.
  2. Social cognitive theory – this theory focuses on how people learn from observing others around them. It posits that individuals are more likely to change their behaviour if they see someone modelling the desired behaviour (i.e. if they see someone else doing it).
  3. Operant conditioning – this theory suggests that behaviour is learned through the consequences that follow it. Essentially, if a behaviour is followed by a positive consequence (i.e., reinforcement), then that behaviour is more likely to be repeated in the future. On the other hand, if a behaviour is followed by a negative consequence (i.e., punishment), then that behaviour is less likely to be repeated.

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Assignment Task 3: Discuss the different cognitive demands of various tasks and how to address them during design.

The cognitive demands of a task vary depending on the task itself as well as on the person performing it. In general, there are three main types of cognitive demands:

1) Attentional demands – these are the demands placed on a person’s attention to focus on and process information. Attentional demands can be high when a person is faced with a lot of new or complex information, or when they are required to switch between tasks quickly.

2) Memory demands – these are the demands placed on a person’s memory to remember and use information. Memory demands can be high when a person needs to remember a lot of information for a short period, or when they need to remember something over a long period.

3) Executive function demands – these are the demands placed on a person’s ability to plan, organize, and execute tasks. Executive function demands can be high when a person is required to complete a complex task or when they need to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Assignment Task 4: Explain cognitive issues and how it affects task performance.

Cognitive issues can affect task performance in several ways. For example, if someone is having trouble focusing attention or keeping track of the task at hand, they may not be able to perform the task as efficiently or effectively as someone without those cognitive issues. Additionally, people with cognitive issues may also have difficulty remembering what they need to do or understanding instructions, which can again lead to poor performance on tasks.

There are many potential causes of cognitive issues, including neurological conditions, head injuries, mental health disorders and substance abuse. Some medications and medical treatments can also cause cognitive problems as a side effect. Additionally, normal aging can lead to milder forms of cognitive decline.

If you are experiencing cognitive issues that are affecting your task performance, it is important to talk to a doctor or other medical professional to rule out any underlying causes and to get help managing the issues. Many strategies can be used to help improve cognitive function, including things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, memory training exercises and brain stimulation therapies.

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Assignment Task 5: Apply cognitive theories in the design of systems to enhance safety and performance.

Cognitive theories can be applied in the design of systems to enhance safety and performance. One example is human error theory, which suggests that human errors are often the result of system flaws rather than individual mistakes. By identifying and addressing system deficiencies, we can reduce the chances of errors occurring.

Other cognitive theories that can be applied in system design include decision making theories and team resource management theories. Each of these offers insights into how people interact with systems and how we can design systems to better meet our needs.

When it comes to safety-critical systems, such as those used in aviation or healthcare, it’s particularly important to apply cognitive theories to minimize risks. By doing so, we can ensure that these systems are as safe and effective as possible.

Assignment Task 6: Illustrate solutions to design problems utilizing cognitive theories.

There are a variety of approaches that designers can take to solve design problems, and many of them are informed by cognitive theories.

One popular approach is using Simon’s cognition theory of human problem solving, which posits that people tend to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller sub-problems. This Systematic Problem Solving approach can be applied to design problems by deconstructing the problem into smaller pieces and then addressing each piece systematically.

Designers can also use Forbus and Gentner’s idea of Mental Model Diagrams, which are visual representations of how people understand complex systems. By creating a mental model diagram for a design problem, designers can better understand the user’s understanding of the system and identify areas where the system can be improved.

Another cognitive-based approach that can be used to solve design problems is using Gick and Holyoak’s idea of analogy. Analogy involves understanding a new problem by mapping it onto a familiar problem that has already been solved. By understanding the design problem in terms of an analogous problem, designers can often find creative solutions that they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

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