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Is “Gender” an appropriate criterion to discriminate with someone? Can treating on the basis of gender be justifiable? In the so-called modern and developing society, gender inequality takes place every day. This starts at a very early age i.e. in education. Gender inequality is referred to as the discrimination or unequal actions done with anyone based on their gender. But if everyone is treated the same way, will improve the value of every person as well as strengthen gender equality.

Just the same way, in order to promote equality between gender, Singaporean students are taught about this in their sociology courses and other programs. In addition, they are also given with various assignments for writing essay, report or article on “gender equality problems and solutions”, equality between man and woman essay etc.

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Introduction to Gender Equality

Gender equality can be defined as the phenomenon when all type of genders is treated fairly and provided with equal opportunities in every sector. It is a complex issue of human rights for every country across the globe.

It is also called equality of sexes or sexual equality, which is a state providing everyone with uniform access to resources and opportunities without being judged on the basis of gender but involving economic participation and decision-making.

Gender equality focuses on valuing different behaviours, needs, yearnings evenly irrespective of the gender.

Importance of Gender Equality

Women or girl around the world faces discrimination and violence on a regular basis. Every 1 of 3 women confronts mental, physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, irrespective of their age, religion, background or country while each and every country in the world has their laws and rule instructing to treat girls and women as second-class citizens. The harmful actions are done on them, sexual harassment, violence and other pernicious cultural practices and systemic inequalities defile their human rights and keep them away for living fully reaching their potential.

By prohibiting women equal rights, half the population is forbidden from living life at its fullest.

Here are the reasons why gender equality is important: –

  • It saves life
  • Result in a better healthcare
  • Advance the business by employing women
  • Virtuous for the economy
  • Next-generation/ children are healthier
  • Provide better legal protections
  • It leads to great racial equality
  • Reduces poverty
  • It will lead to peace
  • Diminishes human trafficking
  • Essential for economic development
  • Enhancement in education and workplace

Gender Equality Issues

Globally, in spite of the rules and laws, there is differentiation done based on gender. Especially, women have comparatively fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, lower access to education, good healthcare and protection risks, as well as less entryway towards political representation.

Here are some issues which emerge gender inequality-

  • Violence against women
  • Violence against trans-women
  • Unequal pay
  • Sexual harassment
  • Less promotion or encouragement for women than men
  • Racism
  • Harmful traditional practices
  • Less concern towards Investigation and prosecution of crimes against women and girls
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Child marriage or forced marriage
  • Dowry system
  • Marital rape
  • Abusive marriages

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How to Achieve Gender Equality?

Talking about gender equality generally raises a question in the mind that “can gender equality be achieved in reality?”. The main motto of achieving gender equality is to diminish the significant gaps in various opportunities between the genders.

Gender equality is the goal needed to be achieved, and the components helping to attain this goal are gender equity and gender neutrality practices and ways of thinking. Gender parity can also aid to achieve the objective of gender equality, which measures the gender balance in a given situation.

The gender equality is explicitly coupled with the women’s rights, and frequently demands amendments in the policies which is anyhow more than just equal representation.

There is not any single work that should be done to achieve gender equality in real but requires a variety of things to be done successfully which will, in turn, improve the fairness among human beings regardless of the gender.

Elimination of damaging and ruinous practices against the women and girls, like wartime sexual violence, sex trafficking, femicide and different other oppression tactics.

The United Nation Population Funds (UNPF) made known a fact that despite various international agreements endorsing their human rights, women still majorly lie in the list of poor and illiterate than men. They do not have equal access to the opportunities, resources and protection in contrast to men. They have less access to employment, property ownership, education, or credit. The women are still hardly likely to be active in the political field whereas more frequently involved in becoming victims of domestic violence.

These are some basic ways to achieve gender equivalence as well as equity too-

  • Talk to women and girls delicately
  • Let girls reach to every opportunity and utilize all resources
  • Ceasing child marriage and sexual harassment
  • Empowering mothers
  • Making the education system gender-sensitive
  • Encouraging girl child and their parents
  • Include women into power (politics or higher places in firms)
  • Together working of men and women
  • Freedom of movement
  • Giving value to the “women’s work”
  • Stopping violence against woman
  • Bring changes in different policies to bring women in the front
  • Amendments in the rules, constitutions relevant to adverse actions against women
  • Economic empowerment of women
  • Gendered arrangements of work and care
  • Improvement in marriage, divorce and property laws and regulations
  • Informing women of their rights

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Gender equality is very essential to be enhanced in all the countries across the world, as inequality will eventually degrade the quality of the country itself. Although various initiations have been taken many more should be started with more dedication and seriousness making everyone aware of the importance of gender equality.

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