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Updated on: 28th Jul 2020

Diversity and Inclusion in Singapore Essay Sample

Diversity is the existence of multicultural, multi-ethnic and groups of different gender, class, and race in one place. In Singapore, there is diversity where people belong to different religions, ethnicity, and nationality. This depicts the sovereignty of the country and the existence of unity in diversity brings success.

With diversity, nation-building was a challenge for the country but the government made efforts to make it happen. This attracted persons from all over the world to live in the country. Singapore students who are in school or universities need to write essays on diversity and inclusivity in Singapore. Students from political science history and moral sciences read about diversity and unity and how the inclusion of everyone in society helps in nation-building.

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Are you also writing an essay on diversity and inclusion? If yes then you need to understand resilience and the concept of intolerance and equality and how a society can be more inclusive. Present times also bring a challenge to the government as there are increasing inequalities and that need to be deal with inclusion.

The inclusivity of everyone in society is the main aim of coherence. To write an essay on diversity in Singapore every student required to know all the connected principles. If you are required the assistance in writing, ask our experts.

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Essay Title – Diversity in Singapore ( Social,Racial & Ethnic )

Singapore has arranged the intercultural set up so that everyone without any discretion can live together. It made some principles to keep up the harmony in the multicultural environment. Singapore laid the notion of respecting the beliefs of each other in its policies.

The equality in every stratum should be maintained. The gender disparity, income disparity and the rights of the minorities should be taken care of and in Singapore, the government seeks inclusion in each policy and it makes Singapore distinguished. In the globalization world, even the challenge is there to protect the local culture.

The significance of every culture is its impact and contribution to society. In Singapore, each culture is given its due importance whether it is local or national or intercultural. Every person has its own contribution to give to the society through its culture. In a society, if multi-cultures can survive it adds on to the values with respecting the difference.

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Singapore had also given the rights to gender to choose their choice as to be gay, lesbian and bisexual. In Singapore, the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists all live together with harmony. There is no incidence of any conflict among the society based on religion. The alternative views on religion are respected.

The Challenges for Singapore

As in the global world, inequalities are increasing in income and accessing the resources. It is important for every country to reduce the disparities and take care of the equal distribution of the resources. To create the cumulative resource base for everyone is still a global challenge.

There is a wide difference in access to resources like housing, food, employment opportunity, etc. The challenge for Singapore is decreasing the disparities in income, removing poverty and allowing everyone to have a standard of life.

In the rising of the competitive world, it is necessary for the development of a country to be peaceful. As the inner turmoil can disturb the growth of the economy, therefore with the existence of so many people belong to different castes, race, and gender it is a great challenge for Singapore to remain the developing economy without any hindrance inside the country.

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