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Child labor Problem Solution Essay

From the beginning of the nineteenth century, we can see the lengthy discourse on child labor and how it is criticized across the different parts of the world. But still, after two centuries, we are not able to get out of it entirely because of some anti-social elements present in the world. People are not bothered about their children’s upbringing and education in the right manner and push them to do work in the early days of childhood so that money can be earned. To stop this ill practice of child labor certain initiatives have been taken so far but in vain as no one is bothered about the society and development of the country through its youth.

We keep on shouting on roads that child labor should be banned completely but that goes into the wilderness as politicians, governments and other officials from top to bottom are enmeshed in the quagmire of corruption to the core. We cannot afford to get rid of this issue by eradicating its roots until or unless social support is not there from the people. The meaning of education for the children must be known to the parents so that they do not ask their wards to start child labor at the time of the study. That is how we can become able to somewhere across the way in checking this illegal practice.

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Countries that put a ban on child labor are not able to implement the rule in the real sense because people do not have the other employment option and they hardly manage their livelihood especially agro-economies of the world. That is why such nations can never get rid of the problem of child labor until or unless they have a stable alternative for child labor.

The entire reason behind child labor is the poor financial conditions of the people in the world. This can be solved by giving the best level of employment opportunities by improving the status of agriculture technology and the installation of the industry in agro-based economies of the world. That is how we can solve the problem in real sense. Shouting slogans and doing strikes cannot workout to finish the problem permanently; these are only temporary solutions and can be solved only when permanent solutions are given for the issue.

Thus in the conclusion of the essay, we can say that child labor which is a termite for the career of the children must be checked effectively as soon as possible. For this purpose, we can take the help of some intellectual people of society and find out some solutions which can be implemented for permanent solutions to the issue of child labor. Countries like the United States of America are dealing with such sensitive problems with the utmost care and that is why the reckless growth of its economy can be seen on the global scale by other nations.

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We cannot measure the success of controlling child labor over a period of two centuries on the optimistic scale because a lot of improvement has been done by various ideas so far. We can see the count of children doing child labor is very much reduced in this time which really deserves admiration. Any task or goal cannot be achieved in the fraction of seconds of days and it takes time according to the obstacles that come to its way. But to overcome those obstacles is the real meaning of the work which is gained by the world gradually. Although we have walked a long distance in vanishing child labor but still there are many miles to go for ultimate success.

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