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Book & Ebook Compare & Contract Essay

Textbooks have been a part of study for students in different countries for a long time but now the new format of E-books is substituting their need especially in the youth of the world. Younger people find it better to go through online resources as compared to the conventional methods of study. But those who are in their old age are used to the books and printed medium of reading and thus find it hard to switch to the new mediums like e-books which are making the arguments in modern times. So here we are going to deal with the issues that are confronted by both types of people as they survive together in a society.

The printed medium that is books and newspapers which are used to be read by the people in an orthodox way during an earlier period of time cannot be neglected at any cost. This is because it is good for the eyes and also the harmful rays are no longer affecting your body through these books and other reading material. On the contrary, if we talk about the electronic medium of reading then it has its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the electronic medium of reading books makes it easier for people to find a different range of resources easily and that is too at a cheap cost. More people can be able to store a lot of collections of books and other things easily in a compact manner, even if there is a scarcity of physical space still you can maintain a big collection of books.

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Talking about the drawbacks of the electronic reading material it brings harmful rays to the people which are very dangerous to human health. But when we are trying to suppress them by using the appropriate equipment available in the market then it is easier to utilize technology and its benefit without any glitch. It is always good to reject or select a thing by knowing its harms and uses just like that of a rational human being.

Taking actions by listening to other’s advice many times brings harm to us in different ways that is why we should take care of such things very minutely. Any new invention in the arena of technology cannot be neglected just for the sake of refraining from the rays that affect us and our health because it also comes with a lot of positive points.

So we can conclude the argument to a point which says that both electronic books and orthodox printed books have their own significance for the different age group of people. While young people have more inclination towards the electronic medium of reading at the same time older generation is confident and comfortable with the books that are printed. Beyond these set and divided rules there are people who are coming out from their cocoon and trying to adapt in the new changing world where only online things are preferred. The reason for this can be given in a good way that these people are very much fond of the books and they find them all online easily.

Also, the cost that paid for online books is much less than that of the books obtained after many hurdles from books stores by the readers. We can see the rising demand of the e-book reading material like Kindle and such other equipment. Such bloom would not have possible if only youth is involved and attached to the discoveries in the field of the education world. We can see the growing advancements that are coming in the way of people with technology and thus we should admire this positive change in every way. People having trouble with adapting to new situations can easily override time once they start using these products.

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