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 Arts in Singapore Essay Sample

Arts in Singapore Essay

In this Arts in Singapore Essay sample, here we will cover the Importance of arts in Singapore, Does Singapore value the arts?, Type of art is in Singapore, The function of arts in Singapore, What is the famous artwork in Singapore?, How the arts can benefit the Singaporean community? Is Singapore’s art industry successful? etc.

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Arts in Singapore is a popular topic for many reasons. Students can learn more about it by downloading this essay example, and they will also be able to get custom-made essays according to their needs at school or college!

Introduction- Arts in Singapore Essay

The arts in Singapore are varied and dynamic. The government has put great emphasis on the development of the arts, not only for their intrinsic value but also to promote social cohesion. Government policies such as providing affordable access to cultural facilities have contributed greatly towards this goal as well.

Main body- Arts in Singapore Essay

Importance of arts in Singapore

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in Wednesday’s speech that he believes man cannot live by bread alone. The Prime Minister, who was speaking at a 30th-anniversary event for the National Arts Council (NAC), emphasized the importance of arts and culture as an integral part of Singapore which must be nurtured if it is to continue its success into future generations.

He also reported on NAC initiatives such as arming students with skills relevant to their desired careers through programs like SkillsFuture; engaging artists from all genres in projects aimed at bridging gaps among communities or skill-sets so they can make more informed decisions about both individual lives and society; developing new modes of engagement between audiences, creators and critics alike for richer discussions around what defines quality arts and culture; encouraging the next generation of creators to be involved in shaping Singapore’s cultural landscape.

Does Singapore value the arts?

Yes. The arts and culture sector contributes to Singapore’s economy with an annual contribution of about three billion Singapore dollars or 3% of GDP. It is the largest contributor to Singapore’s employment with a vibrant range of professional clusters and creative industries.”

In 1966, the Ministry of Culture was set up to ensure that cultural needs are met for all sections of society, both within the country as well as for international audiences. Important milestones over this period include setting up Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NYAFA) in 1971; establishment in 1982 by Lee Kuan Yew and Tan Chin Tuan’s call for a new sound called “Asian Music” at the Federation University Centre (FUC) for Asian Music at the National University of Singapore; setting up in 1987, The President’s Young Talent Awards to identify and nurture young talent.

Type of art is in Singapore

The national gallery of Singapore has a wide collection that covers all arts and cultures. Cultural institutions in Singapore also house their own collections of

  • Visual arts,
  • Performing arts,
  • Literary arts.

With the support of the National Arts Council, these institutes hold regular exhibitions and programs to showcase artistic talent from both local students as well as internationally recognized artists.

This type will last for many decades before another can be thought up. Never mind aesthetics, visual intrinsic values but imagine groups of youngsters when they are called upon to decide on the next national art.

The function of arts 

Singapore recognizes the vital role played by arts and culture in stimulating social and economic development, enhancing its global image, and strengthening cultural diversity. As a result, the National Arts Council (NAC) was set up as an autonomous statutory board on 1 July 1990 to provide leadership for Singapore’s cultural policies.

It proactively promotes cultural activities for both community-based and professional artists through various programs such as residencies, fellowships grant schemes, grants for Individual Artists Support Scheme (IAS), organizational grants scheme, etc., so that they are able to create their best work while being active members of society. Beyond this, there is an annual National Day Parade comprising performances by schools’ music groups as well as contingents from different organizations that take part in such parades.

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What is the famous artwork in Singapore?

The artwork that has been made famous in Singapore includes Hokkien figures and landscapes painted on women’s traditional headgear, such as cheongsam (Mandarin) dresses.

These masks are often stylized versions of scenes from everyday life, such as boating or dining.

In these ‘wife masks’ also called ‘the theatre masks of Hong Kong’, Chinese opera singers would wear paper-mache to imitate a long face with a rectangular forehead and a high nose bridge to make them look older. So these masks were traditionally worn by men only when they played female characters on stage while “offstage”, they hid their true gender and identity. And their disguise was so good that they could get away with appearing on stage as females even in front of their landlords and colleagues.

How the arts can benefit the Singaporean community?

The arts can benefit the  Singaporean community in a lot of ways. For starters, it gives individuals access to opportunities they might not have been otherwise able to obtain. Quality cultural events and museum exhibits are free or affordable for those who don’t like what’s on offer at home.

Furthermore, contact with artistic expressions is beneficial, even just as an educational experience for young people. This is why Singapore has been promoting an “arts with benefits” strategy that includes everything from public art projects that produce tangible community benefits such as beautifying streets and building a sense of place, to more intangible but no less important outcomes like teaching empathy through theatre performances which could help avert conflicts arising between different communities.

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Is Singapore’s art industry successful?

Highly successful, yes. Singapore’s art industry is the preferred choice for many global buyers who are fascinated with Southeast Asian and South-East Asian arts.

The pricing of Singapore’s art products is credited to a range in mid-range to high-end contemporary items that attract not only local collectors but also some internationally established collectors from across Asia, Europe, and even America. There has been a steep rise in prices registered recently which saw a 33% increase by Sotheby’s auction house this year alone as reported by the Lion City rare objects.


Singapore is a multicultural country with many different cultures and religions. It’s important to understand how the arts can benefit these communities, as well as the larger community of Singapore. There are various types of art in Singapore that serve different purposes for both individuals and society at large, such as education or entertainment. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post on why it’s important to value art in Singapore.

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