Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Essay Example

Get your essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet from us. Read the sample essay for class 6 to 9 and college students. Internet is a network that provides communication and information facilities of interconnected networks through computers or any smart gadgets. It uses the protocols in communication which is standardized. At present no one can imagine life without the internet. It contributed immensely to the sharing of information and communication. It had decreased the distances in culture, countries or people around the world. Life became easier and convenient. After the internet it became easier to do any business, to get any particular information, getting along and knowing about the new cultures and studying about various things.

However, every coin has two sides. We know where the internet has brought good things to us it also exposed us to the bad aspects of it. So, one should be well aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Advantages of the Internet 

  • The internet provides the ability to communicate easily: At first, the internet had decreased the distances among people and brought them together virtually. The communication became easier despite all distances via email or other communication apps. One does not need to leave the room to talk to some person who lives in another country.  It did not only end the distances but also the timing of communication. In the past, people had to post the letters from the post office to a particular address which used to take days or months to reach the person. But now it is easier when one can email the letter or message on someone’s email address which does not even take a minute to reach. It even made business easier by bringing the vendors and customers closer and made money transactions faster and easier.
  • Platform for video conference with anyone in the world who also has access: Products like SKYPE, which allow video conferencing and allow people to see each other in real-time. So it even became easier to know and chat with people by actually seeing them even if they are miles away from you. It also helped in business meetings, providing education and different services to people.
  • Getting any information through search engines in easy steps: It is the biggest advantage of the internet. All kind of information on any topic under the sun is available through various search engines. The huge amount of information on every subject known to men is varying from the law, government services, trade, business, market new ideas, technical aspects and any sort of education is available to the internet users.
  • Availability of libraries, e-books scholarly articles, informative videos students: A number of forums available on websites offer people a number of e-books, informative videos on various subjects, even people can share their thoughts and ideas on different topics. All news around the world, whichever interests you can be found in just browsing some sites. One can also get help in research on various subjects and can get scholarly articles and research papers on it to enrich the information. People can increase their knowledge bank without wasting time. It is good for students who want extra information on a particular subject with a wide range of opinions. Students also can enroll themselves and study in universities that offer distance education.
  • It brought people together: The internet had enriched the love and friendship connections and made people able to get in touch with each other. People on the internet find themselves close to share their experiences or other expressions. Various platforms for social networking decreased the virtual distance in people and made them closer to the common cause.
  • Trade/business became easy: the Internet made business transactions easy and shopping too became easier as both vendors and customers can use the common platform. This is called e-commerce. It helped vendors to reach a wide range of customers and on the other hand, customers can get the desired products at the best price after comparisons.
  • Internet increased Entertainment opportunities: Entertainment industry actually took different heights after internet. Movies, documentaries, music is all available on the internet with a lot of variety. Even, video games and stories for kids and adults are easily available on the internet.

Disadvantages of the Internet 

  • To get reliable information is hard: As a large amount of information is freely available sometimes it is hard to know which one is right and which one is wrong. The pool of information can be extracted but one has to check the reliable sources of it. However many nuisance sources brought wrong information in the market.
  • Dangerous as cyber-crime on rising: Perverted individuals can cheat the innocent people over the internet in the form of hacking, taking out the information of their credit and debit cards and can do fraud and theft. At present when information plays a big role, the viruses and hackers can steal your valuable personal or confidential information which they can use to harm you personally or to get benefit out of.
  • Addiction and ignoring of real over virtual: While at one side the internet brought people together on the other side people who are actually present got lost their identities. It means the preference to have virtual friends rather than working on relations with real people became a big trend. The Internet in this sense actually made people more loners.
  • Pornography and violent content availability: The content which can be harmful to the psyche of the child is readily available on the internet. Content like pornography increased the cases of molestations, sexual harassment, and Sexually transmitted diseases. That kind of content triggered the act of irresponsible sex and created false notions about the act. The violent games which are freely available on the internet for children are creating a bad impact on their mindsets.
  • It saved time but took sense of time: In finding the right information one has to browse several sites which in meanwhile tending you to lose your concentration on the topic and fell as a prey to the different advertisements. So, in that case, most people forget the track of the time and waste it eventually.


With its disadvantages, it is not necessary to undermine the positive effects of the internet. But it should be kept in mind that we use technology for the betterment of human life but if it hampers it in a negative way, we should be extra cautious and aware of the consequences. One should understand the bad content impact on the child psyche so parents or teachers can be extra cautious to prevent such information reach to them.

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