University Singapore Polytechnic School of Business (SP)
Subject Network Systems Management



Your team is the Singapore team for C&K International which is a Singaporean fast-fashion footwear and accessories retailer founded in 1996. Based in Singapore, the brand has a global footprint across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Your team is responsible for supporting the whole of the Singapore arm of the company, as well as being the leadership team across the South-East Asia region. Your team is a new team as the previous team was removed due to a lack of competence.

As part of a large multinational, you are responsible for ensuring that IT support in Singapore supports business aims and objectives. As part of this, you are responsible for implementing head office directives and ensuring that IT conforms to what the head office expects. You are allowed to choose your own solution in certain areas, but in others, you are expected to follow head office instructions. As the South-East Asia lead, you may be asked to produce systems, documentation, policies, or procedures for use by other branch teams.

Head Office Communications

The Head office may issue “communications” at any time. Those communications may contain business or technical information relevant to C&K International operations. You are responsible for meeting any requirements listed in those communications.

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Board of Directors

You report to two members of the Board of Directors. Those directors can be consulted for advice and may ask you to undertake activities to better align IT with business operations. Any concerns that you have over the system or the instructions you have been given should be communicated to both directors. The two directors have a veto on any and all activities undertaken by the IT team.

Initial Team Setup

IT teams consist of 2 members. One will be a team leader and the other will be the senior systems administrator.



IT teams must develop policies, procedures, and processes for 18 of the following situations:

  • Major Change Request
  • Minor Change Request
  • Major Incident – Malicious
  • Major Incident – Non-Malicious
  • Minor Incident
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Dismissal
  • Staff Member Joins
  • Staff Member Leaves
  • IT Team Member Recruitment
  • IT Team Member Dismissal
  • IT Team Member Joins
  • IT Team Member Leaves
  • Purchase of New Server
  • Purchase of New Client
  • Base Level OS and Software – Client
  • Base Level OS and Software – Server
  • Documentation
  • Deployment of New IT Service – Server
  • Deployment of New IT Service – Client
  • Deployment of New IT Service – Cloud
  • Change Advisory Board
  • User Consultation
  • Security Policy
  • SLA Levels
  • Project Management Policy
  • IT Governance Compliance

Each of the policies, procedures, and processes developed must contain the 3 following headings:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Policy

These policies, procedures, and processes must be recorded and be applied when appropriate. The Head office may request additional policies and procedures through Communications.



In this coursework, you will design a system as specified by the head office. You will use the policies and procedures designed by your team in coursework 1, as well as adding advanced monitoring and automation to the system.

Coursework Detail

Your IT team should start with the basic brief given in the coursework outline and extend it according to Head Office wishes. You are expected to follow the policies and procedures created in this coursework and document any deviation from them. Experience in creating your system may result in amending the policies and procedures and that is acceptable as long as the changes are well justified.

You are expected to build a monitoring system into your system to gain additional insights into how your system is performing.

You are expected to be able to explain complex scripting or automation tasks in at least 3 different situations.

COURSEWORK 3 – MANAGING PEOPLE                                              


A key part of IT management is managing your team. This coursework will give you the experience of the issues involved in general team management as well as those issues unique to IT teams.

Group Work Tasks

Each group must write a job description and specification for the post of senior systems administrator within your team.

Each team will be required to prepare a list of interview questions for the position of a senior systems administrator.

Each team is meant to produce an induction plan to bring their new member of staff up to date on the current work as quickly as possible.

If the amount of work decreases in the future, it may be necessary to terminate the contract of one of your team. If this becomes necessary, the Head Office will inform you.

Individual Tasks

Each team member must write a reflective report on your experiences in this unit. There are no marks for this section but it will impact the overall marks gained from the above sections.

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