You are an IOS App developer working for government departments. Now, you are to design and create a game to encourage: iOS Development Assignment, SMU, Singapore

University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject iOS Development

You are an IOS App developer working for government departments. Now, you are to design and create a game to encourage outdoor walking and running activity in Singapore. This App allows users to start an activity from their current location, exercise to travel around the neighborhood, and gain points. Points can be used to exchange for several gifts from the gift store.

Question a

Describe the workflow of the App, and discuss how the following features in Question 3b are designed and achieved by UIViews/UIControls/SDK, etc. in different view controllers.

Question b

The application should include the following features:

Paste related swift code/functions into the report corresponding to the features as comments.

  • Users will be rewarded with points for the completed milestones.
  • Users can set trip distance, speed, and time of the activity.
  • Trip progress and speed/distance/time real-time information are displayed during the activity.
  • Alerts will be given when the user is traveling too fast; stops for too long; or travels too far from the start point; and the trip time/distance is finished.
  • Points can be used to view and exchange for gifts (at least THREE (3)) on the point exchange store page.
  • Postcode and phone number are to be provided when successfully exchanging the gift.

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