What is the Difference Between System Call and Library Call? OSSN (Open Source Social Network) Assignment, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject Open Source Social Network (OSSN)

Task Details:

Task 1

  • What is the difference between System Call and Library Call?
  • Why API is preferred over System Call?

Task 2

Given that these folders are to be in the root directory

  • Given that these folders are to be in the root directory, create the 4 folders listed above.
  • After some time, you have a repertoire of songs under the MP3 folder. List the full listing of the files inside the MP3 folder. You need to show the attributes of the files.
  • You discovered that a file was wrongly placed in the MP3 folder. The file, named ‘overture.mp3’, is supposed to be in the ‘Personal’. Show how you move ‘overture.mp3’ from the MP3 folder to the Personal folder.
  • You have a sub-folder named ‘Opera’ in your MP3 directory. Display the full pathname for the this inclusive of a file name – phantom.mp3

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Task 3

Based on the files and their permissions above create a Protection Domain Matrix

Based on the files and their permissions above, create a Protection Domain Matrix.

Task 4

Identify 3 types of scheduling and explain how it works with the help of diagrams.

Task 5

Show how Dekker’s algorithm is the first known correct solution to the mutual exclusion problem in concurrent programming.

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