This report aims to show the relationship between a person’s fear of making mistakes and their perceived quality of life: Psychology Research Paper, MDIS, Singapore

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This report aims to show the relationship between a person’s fear of making mistakes and their perceived quality of life. The reason why I chose to research this topic is that I have seen many people around me struggle to live the life they wish they could due to their fear of making mistakes.

They view their life as not up to standard but somehow also struggle to make it good because they are afraid of making the wrong choice. I also personally struggle with this issue and felt like this would be a good topic to explore and learn more about. I want to find out whether there are people out there who also struggle to live their best life.

There are many reasons to explain why a person would feel as though they are missing out on opportunities in their lives. This is based on their perception of themselves and the lifestyles that they lead. Factors such as peer pressure, family-related problems, stress, and other psychological disorders, affect a person’s ability to live their life to the fullest.

In my opinion, many people who are generally satisfied with their life decisions tend to be the ones who live their best life. However, others who feel dissatisfied with their life choices tend to be the ones who struggle to live their lives the most.

One of the causes is the fear of making mistakes. This specific fear is based on many different things. Like other types of fears, the fear of making mistakes stem from childhood traumas, the environment a person grew up in as well as their genetics. Specific phobia is also generally caused by the fear of rejection. As humans, we have evolved around living in tribes for centuries.

Societies, cities, and towns are social constructs that have been established just recently in comparison to the time in which tribes have existed. For humans, being included and accepted into a tribe meant survival. Being rejected and banished by a tribe would mean certain death. Many years later, humans still live among other humans in societies. Being rejected from society causes a lot of psychological fear and stress. Hence, this emotional fear of not belonging or being rejected can cause many people to fear making mistakes.

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