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Submit a formal report for this assignment: To develop a one-year Strategic Marketing Plan for a new business that you intend to start in Singapore next year by applying the concepts covered in this module.

a) Suggested table of contents: You need to prepare a strategic marketing plan which applies relevant key concepts in a creative and innovative way while addressing the following headings:

1. Introduction: A brief introduction to the new product (goods or services) offered.(100 words) New business to start in Singapore: Setting up a postpartum care hotel where new moms can check-in and rest-up, while their precious babes are taken care of 24/7 by trained nurses. It offers accommodations from 2 weeks to a month stay, serve nourishing confinement meals, provides postnatal massages etc (Business/company name will be MAMA).

Please read the below links for a better idea of postpartum care centres:

2. SWoT analysis (150 words)
- SWoT table + Strategic implications (1 to 3 key issues)

3. Marketing objectives (100 words)
- 1 to 3 key objectives (must link to key issues in strategic implications)
- AIDA model
- indicate in 1 year what you want to achieve
- also include explanations

4. Target segment (150 words)
- Target market
- Include explanation

“women choose to have fewer children-often only one child-and as the average age offirst-time mothers increases, families are more willing to splurge on pampering themselves after childbirth.”

5. Marketing strategy: all of the main elements of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) (1000 words)

6. Financials Projections: budgets and sales forecasts (100 words)
- Sales forecast and expenses forecast

7. Controls (100 words)
- list down the milestones to achieve in a form of a table
- implementation checklist

8. Conclusion

9. Reflective statement (300 words)

10. List of References (In text citations & Reference List). At least 7 relevant references are required.

11. Appendices (if any)

b) The assessment criteria include the following:

• The depth and quality of marketing analysis as well as quality and appropriateness of the strategic marketing plan:

• Good understanding of the business environment and the firm’s business model based on the available data.

• Clear rationale for suggesting the marketing strategy and its components.

• Evidence why the chosen approach is seen as the most effective for the presented challenge (including decisions about business model, branding, competitive decisions, marketing communications and marketing mix)

• Evidence of application of appropriate & relevant strategy and marketing concepts from the course & other readings.

• Cohesive plan where each of the elements makes sense in the context of the others to comprise an integrated, well thought through, balanced coherent plan.

• Ability to think creatively to meet the challenges set out in the assignment brief including application of innovative and up-to-date thinking.

c) General Layout of Written Assignment

• Length of rep•rt: 2000 w•rds (10% variati•n is permitted; w•rd c•unt excludes references, tables & figures and appendices).

• Assignment must be in rep•rt f•rmat with headings and sub-headings.

• Type written with Times New Roman font size: 12, 1.5 line spacing, standard margins. Single or double side printing.

• Please use Harvard referencing style.

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