SPE209: Name two (2) Disorders Mentioned in the Article and describe their Characteristics. Characteristics to be Retrieved From Article and References to Support: Special Needs in the Early Years Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject SPE209: Special Needs in the Early Years

(a) Name two (2) disorders mentioned in the article and describe their characteristics. Characteristics to be retrieved from article and references to support.

(b)Explain the differences between the medical model and the social model of disability as discussed in the article. List at least four (4) differences in your answer. Can have 2-3 references cited here to support The discussion.

(c) Describe the mothers’ perspectives of disability when it comes to their own child who has been diagnosed with a disability or identified as being at high risk of disability. Give three (3) examples to support your answer. Examples from the article, use references to support example

Mothers and Models of Disability

Gail Landsman’

Based on a qualitative anthropological study of American mothers of infants and young children newly diagnosed with a disability, this essay examines how mothers understand their children and define disability in relation to publicly available discourses of disability and identity.

in seeking to improve their children’s opportunities in mainstream society, mothers appear to comply with the medical model. But over time and in the process of providing meaning to their experience, mothers retool models, drawing both on the social and minority group models’ rejection of a problem-based definition of disability as inherently caused by impairment and on their own intimate engagement with impairment as an embodied experience.

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