SMO101: You may also wish to discuss these in tutorials, or online with your fellow students in the discussion forum: Sustainable Maritime Operations Access Course Coursework, MLA College, Singapore

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University MLA College
Subject SMO101: Sustainable Maritime Operations Access Course

Formative assessment

A formative assessment is a collection of questions and tasks to test your knowledge of the lectures you have just watched. Formative assessment questions can be found throughout the Total Learning Package (TLP) alongside the video lectures, after the lectures, or included in the transcripts. They allow you to work through problems at your own pace to satisfy yourself that you have fully understood the teaching and learning which has been covered in the lecture.

We have provided all the answers to the formative questions so that you can compare your answers with the ones provided and re-visit the lectures if necessary. You may also wish to discuss these in tutorials, or online with your fellow students in the discussion forum.

Your performance in these formative tasks is not marked by your course tutor
and does not count towards the overall module mark. We highly recommend that you complete all the formative questions, as the module has been designed very carefully to use these questions to build your knowledge and understanding. Completing the formative questions will help you in writing your marked coursework – this is described in the section below.


Coursework is submitted by fixed deadlines for marking and feedback. The marks that you achieve for your coursework count towards your overall module mark, and eventually, your grade for the whole program. Hence this type of assessment is often referred to as ‘summative’. The assessment questions contained in this document focus on the learning outcomes of the module and this assessment document contains everything you need to prepare your module coursework. Please review the Learning Outcomes in the Module Record located on the TLP.

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