Question 1

“The Singapore Police Force will explore whether to install more surveillance cameras in HDB estates and other public areas to boost its ability to deter and detect criminal and terrorist threats,” – Minister K. Shanmugam, Singapore’s Home Affairs Minister MHA

Technology, over time, has ushered more benefits for law enforcement agencies globally.

Compare the impact of technology on criminals and terrorist cases. You are to cite examples from global issues in your answer. (25 marks)

Question 2

“The use of encrypted messaging apps by terrorists and criminals are being potentially the most significant degradation of intelligence capability in modern times,” – Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton

The social media has contributed to the spread of technology enabled threats. The threats posed by terrorist were assessed to be on the rise over social media platforms. Evaluate how Southeast Asia is mitigating these threats. You are to cite examples to support your answer. (25 marks)

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Question 3

Debate on technology-environment paradox in late modernity. Discuss how technology can negatively impact the environment and national security. (25 marks)

Question 4

Technology-enabled crime has increased over time. The risk posed for both law enforcement and businesses damages the status and outlook of a country. The transformation of these technology-enabled crime from first generation to new generations have not gone unnoticed. Distinguish between the first generation of technology enabled crimes to the current state of technology-abled crimes. (25 marks)

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