S3709C: propose a training regime to achieve the client’s goal(s) Maurice is a 40-year-old foreign exchange trader: Fitness and Conditioning Coursework, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S3709C: Fitness and Conditioning

Case study

This assignment requires you to evaluate the given case study below and propose a training regime to achieve the client’s goal(s).

Maurice is a 40-year-old foreign exchange trader. Due to the high stress in his job, he smokes and drinks quite often; which also resulted in being overweight and hypertensive. In a recent company check-up, the doctor advised Maurice to start exercising to manage his weight and hypertension first before prescribing him any medication for hypertension. Maurice’s bio-data is shown in Table 1.

Maurice has been sedentary for years; thus, he consulted a trainer (you) to help him achieve his goal(s). He has no other medical conditions apart from hypertension. Assuming the trainer had performed the following fitness assessments, the results are shown below.

Identify and explain all the steps that the trainer needs to perform on Maurice before an exercise regime is prescribed. Consider what the appropriate goals should be, both short and long-term. Design a physical training regime for Maurice to help him achieve his goal(s); and provide strategies for Maurice to adhere to his training regime, etc.

The training regime should be sufficient in duration to allow for progressive changes to be made to ultimately reach the desired goal(s). Provide the rationales and all other information needed for your prescription. Use tables and paragraphs where appropriate; do not use bullet points in your assignment.

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