Rate Of Reaction Collision Theory Factors That Affect That Of Reaction Materials And Method: Chemistry Report, NTU, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject Chemistry

INTRODUCTION Rate of reaction Collision theory Factors that affect that of reaction

MATERIALS AND METHOD Summaries experimental procedure in paragraph form ( write on passive form and past tense) RESULTS AND CALCULATION Table average value include working Lab notebook Label the table And time taken Plot graph (cm3) (s) Must curve even if doesn’t touch all the points DISCUSSION discuss the result Talk about the result.

Explain results Other things tat can influence the rate of reaction Discuss y you see this obersvation if you see a increasing trend or decreasing trend explain using theory of rate of reaction interms of collision theory and rate of reaction draw reference from online sources like journals and textbooks


highlight key finding of experiment relationship between sodium carbonate and rate of reaction.

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