PSY259 This ECA requires you to design and conduct a simple experiment that will be written up as a report: Personality and Individual Differences Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject PSY259 Personality and Individual Differences Assignment

Question 1
This ECA requires you to design and conduct a simple experiment that will be written up as a report. It will also include a short case study that you are to write. Your submission shall be marked holistically and the marks allocated to each question part serves as a general guide to the relative importance of each part.

The word limit for the final report is 2,500 words, including in-text citations and excluding references and appendix (if any). Anything written beyond the word limit will not be marked. Good answers are likely to have a word length of at least 90% of the stipulated word count to contain sufficient points and supporting evidence to adequately address the ECA.

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Additional notes/guidance/instructions:
Research may be conducted in-person or online.
!Be conscious of research ethics. You may wish to assure participants about confidentiality and anonymity of their results and remember to obtain informed consent before you proceed with gathering data.
Chapters 5 and 10 of your textbook (Schultz & Schultz, 2017) will be useful starting points when you conceptualise your paper and research. Reading widely and beyond the textbook content will add depth to the formulation of your study as well as the content of your submission. A good paper will require comprehensive references to relevant research studies.
There are many credible resources that you can access from the library and its databases. Always cite credible sources of academic information. Blog entries, online student papers or theses, and websites like Wikipedia and Very well Mind do not count as adequate reference items.
You must cite theoretical and empirical evidence to support your arguments, with a minimum of 5 journal articles or published book chapters (excluding the textbook and Study Guide) listed in your reference list.
Upon having done this research to supplement your discussion, remember to use your own words in your paper to demonstrate understanding of the subject matter and to avoid plagiarism.

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