University Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)
Subject PSY09701: Individual Differences

Essay Topic:

Do intelligence and personality explain team-working?

You are expected to structure your answer as a persuasive essay. You should refer to at least one theory of personality, at least one theory of intelligence, and empirical research articles. You should demonstrate wider reading and are expected to read beyond the main textbook.

1. This essay is to be structured as an academic persuasive essay. Please review the module materials on essay writing before getting started.

2. Remember that an academic persuasive essay requires you to adopt a stance (your thesis) and to present a number of evidence-based arguments to support your thesis, each contained in a separate paragraph. It is good practice to also include a counter-argument, and a clear conclusion is essential.

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3. Your essay must be typed in 12 points Arial and be at least 1.5-spaced.

4. The word count must be stated in your essay.

5. Harvard or APA referencing is expected.

6. Only material that has been peer-reviewed should appear in your references. Random websites are not acceptable sources of information.

7. Anonymous marking will be adopted.

8. Please remember that plagiarism is a serious academic offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

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