POL246: Singapore is a small island city-state that has limited resources for agriculture. As a result of this much of its food: Public Policy Analysis Assignment, MU, Singapore

University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject POL246: Public Policy Analysis

Singapore is a small island city-state that has limited resources for agriculture. As a result of this much of its food requirements are met through imported food. Therefore, the government has set up a “Food Security Policy (FSP)” in order to reduce its reliance on other nations for meeting food requirements. The policy, the “30 by 30” initiative was launched by the Singapore government in 2019 (Food Security Policy, 2019). According to this initiative, the government aims to produce 30% of the food locally by 2030. The initiative was launched so that the country can attain a certain level of independence in terms of its food resources.

The FSP has faced a huge challenge during the covid-19 pandemic. The negative impact of the changing climate across the globe has directly impacted the local agriculture of the country (Ray et al., 2019). In addition to that, due to that disruption in the global food supply, the nation suffered in terms of meeting its food requirements.

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