NUR2503: Describes the State of Health of local People,Enables the Identification of Unmet NeedsGlobal and Community Health Assignment, NUS, Singapore

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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject NUR2503: Global and Community Health

Guide to assignment
A health needs assessment is a process that:

  • describes the state of health of local people,
  • enables the identification of unmet needs, and
  • enables the identification of the actions needed to address these.

The assignment could be structured as follows:

Introduction:  Begin with presenting the defined population with a specific problem/diagnosis. Provide information on the epidemiology and prevalence both in Singapore and globally.

Body of discussion:

Proceed to discuss key characteristics of the identified population and their health status. A collection of relevant information would inform the state of health and health needs of the population. Do reference accordingly. At this point, you would have to include the information gathered on the unmet needs of the patient population identified.

By now you will have identified several health needs in the identified population. But resources are always limited, and it will be necessary to determine which needs should be a priority. There are a few considerations that will help you decide which needs should be a priority. Try to answer the following questions in relation to each health need or issue you have identified.

1. How many people are affected?

2. What is the impact on people’s lives?

3. Are there appropriate and effective interventions?

4. Are the services adequate?

5. Does the health need identified coincide with national priorities and strategies?

On identification of an area of priority, propose an action plan to meet the unmet need. Include anticipated challenges and how you plan to evaluate the health outcomes.

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2. Individual Assignment

  • This assignment aims to consolidate students’ learning by bridging theory to practice.
  • Students are required to conduct a health need’s assessment of an identified population.
  • Submit a summary report on the conducted need’s assessment. The report should minimally include the following information:

1. Description of the population and the areas identified in the need assessment.

2. Description of epidemiology and prevalence of the condition in Singapore, highlighting the high-risk groups. and making comparisons with global data.

3. Listing existing services and interventions currently available in Singapore for the care and prevention of the condition and discussing measures to ensure the sustainability of the services.

4.  Identification of unmet needs.

5. Proposal of an action plan to meet the unmet needs and include the anticipated challenges to overcome the unmet needs.

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