University Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)
Subject NUR09718: Advancing Practice through Research

PART 1: Finding evidence

1. Explain the term ‘hierarchy of evidence’. Use a reference to support your definition. APA 7th must be used.

2. List four search terms you would use to find literature on your chosen scenario and explain why you have chosen each term in the table below.

Search Term UsedExplanation

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3. Justify the search engines and databases you have used in the table below. Why are they relevant to your chosen topic and profession?

Search Engine / Database UsedJustification

PART 2: Designing your study

4. Complete the following table for your small pilot study design.

(a)Research Question 
(b)Research Approach☐Qualitative         ☐Quantitative
(c)Study Design 
(f)Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria 
(g)Recruitment Process 
(h)Informed Consent Process 
(i)Data Collection Methods 
(j)Data Analysis Methods 
(k)Ethical considerations 

5. List below 5 references that you have used to design your small pilot study. APA 7th must be used.

Full Reference

PART 3: Sharing your research

6. Explain how you would share the findings of your small pilot study and who you would share your findings with.

7. Discuss three barriers that might hinder the sharing of your research. Use a different reference to support each barrier.

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