NCO201: Write a reflection on your learning plan. Discussion and analysis of your learning goal and experience: Learn To Learn, Learn For Life Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject NCO201 Learn to Learn Learn for Life Assignment


Write a reflection on your learning plan.
Self-reflection is critical part of learning. By looking back at your process and analysing your decisions, you can evaluate components or actions and how they contributed to learning and progress. Identifying and understanding these things helps you hone your analytical skills and strengthens your understanding of how you learn.

Keep in mind that certain strategies, resources, and/or approaches may not have yielded the results you expected in this instance. In addition, unforeseen challenges and/or setbacks may have come up. This reflection is an opportunity to consider what worked and what did not.

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Doing so will help you develop a repertoire of skills and strategies that you can refer to since no two situations will ever be exactly the same.

Your reflection should include the following:
1. Discussion and analysis of your learning goal and experience. When discussing and analysing your learning goal and experience, you should refer to the following:
• Your values: What attributes do you rank highly in your learning, work, and
interaction with others
• Your learning competencies and mindset
• Challenges and/or setbacks you faced and how you responded
• Your understanding of self-regulated learning and/or self-directed learning and how it applies to you
• Your resilience as a learner

2. Explanation of your learning goals within the context of larger life goals. How does your learning goal fit within a broader trajectory? This could be your career goals, personal ambitions, etc.

3. Assessment of your resources. Did you identify useful resources? In hindsight, would you use others? Consider:
• People (e.g., teachers, classmates, co-workers, mentors, supervisors)
• Resources (e.g., books, videos, libraries, company policies)
• Technology (e.g., hardware & software)
• Environment (e.g., physical space, removal of distractions)
• Challenges and/or setbacks

4. Evaluation of the evidence you used to track your learning and progress. For example:
• Lesson notes / portfolio
• Role play
• Case studies.

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