MT4102: Consider the following hypothetical logistics service provider ─ Turbo Charged Courier (TCC): Distribution & Warehouse Assignment, NTU, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject MT4102: Distribution & Warehouse Assignment


Consider the following hypothetical logistics service provider Turbo Charged Courier (TCC).


TurboCharged Courier (TCC) stands as a thriving logistics service provider headquartered in Singapore, specializing in lastmile logistics and package delivery. Founded in 2005 by the entrepreneurial Chew brothers, Branson and Davis Chew, TCC commenced its journey as a modest transport company with just two small trucks. Today, the company has evolved into a prominent player with great potential in the Singaporean logistics landscape, currently boasting a workforce of 2,000 employees and a fleet of 150 vehicles.

In a significant milestone, TCC inaugurated its stateoftheart fulfilment center in western Singapore in January last year (2023), equipped with cuttingedge technology to enhance its operational efficiency. Over the past five years, TCC strategically diversified its services, now encompassing international freight forwarding and ecommerce fulfilment. Capitalizing on the surge in ecommerce during the Covid era, TCC’s foresighted investments paid dividends, propelling its annual revenue to increase by 38% in 2023.

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