Ms. A is a staff member who joined 4 months ago and was quickly promoted to a senior management role due to her excellence: Secretary Assignment, SI, Singapore

University STEi Institute (SI)
Subject Secretary

Scenario 1

Ms. A is a staff member who joined 4 months ago and was quickly promoted to a senior management role due to her excellence in the area of her expertise. However, she failed to perform after she passed the probation period, potentially due to changes in tasks and maybe some other motives. She asked the CEO for an increase in salary and the CEO agreed, only to find out about her lack of performance in a month following her probation.

The CEO tried to give her work that will stretch the limitations of this staff. However, after trying for one month, she felt that she couldn’t contribute the way she was expected to contribute or learn as fast as she should have. She decided to quit, wrote a strong hate mail, and sent it to the HR person. How would you handle this situation as my executive assistant?

Scenario 2

Ms. B is a staff member who has been with the company for 3 years. She was one of the first employees who are still around in the office and has received some of the employee stock. The CEO was told that Ms. B has been badmouthing the CEO, saying things like “The only way the company can improve is to change the CEO.” Hearing this from the CEO, what will be your actions as my executive assistant?

Scenario 3

What is the most recent book that you have read? Tell me why you like it. If you do not read books, how do you normally improve your learning? Please share your sources of learning and provide a summary of what you most recently learned.

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