MKTG3040 This document provides a wide variety of free online service apps that your group can utilize: Services Marketing Assignment, UoN, Singapore

University The University of Newcastle (UoN)
Subject MKTG3040 Services Marketing Assignment

Free Online Service Apps
This document provides a wide variety of free online service apps that your group can utilize for evaluation in Assessment Item Three. Once your group has selected an online service app, everyone in the group is required to download the app and utilize this app for a period of two weeks to be able to effectively critique the service experience. As part of the marking rubric, you need to include evidence of this usage (i.e. screenshot evidence of use, journal entry).
Please do not feel that you are limited to these free online service apps, your team is welcome to select another app. Once your team has decided on an app to analyse, please ensure that you email this information through.

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