MED900: you will present to the class your critical understanding of one quantitative: Article paper presentation Research Paper, NTU, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject MED900: Article paper presentation Research Paper


In small groups, you will present to the class your critical understanding of one quantitative AND one qualitative research article. The goal is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding and critical perspectives about an area of educational research that is relevant to your group’s interests and teaching/learning needs. Further, the goal is to help you develop your skills in making sense of and evaluating the quality of research articles, which are fundamental skills for graduate school across all subjects as well as professional practice.

You have 15 minutes for each group presentation, and we hope your group demonstrates the growing ability to understand how to understand, articulate, and critique educational research at the graduate level. During your group presentation, the rest of your course mates will be writing a short reflection about your presentation.

Likewise, you are also expected to write a reflection of each group presentation which you observed. There will be 5 minutes allotted for Q&A and for non-presenters to finalize their short reflection. The following show the details of the Quantitative Group Presentation. A separate document will be shared for the Qualitative Group Presentation.

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