Marine Insurance Law (Essay)- The old-established rule of Utmost Good Faith in insurance, Singapore

Assignment Details:

Marine Insurance Law (Essay) This assignment has TWO questions. Answer BOTH questions. Illustrate your answers with cases, statutes and examples.

1. “The old-established rule of Utmost Good Faith in insurance is a requirement that is rather more than strictly necessary”. Critically examine this assertion in the light of both the MIA 1906 and IA 2015 legislation and decided cases.

2. Only claims for fortuitous losses that have been proximately caused by an insured peril will be indemnified. Demonstrate how the law of marine insurance addresses the issue of causation. Each question should have a proper introduction and conclusion. Submitted essay should not exceed 3,000 words in length (excluding the list of references).

• Structure – introduction; content fluidity; ease of reading and comprehension; logically sequenced sections and conclusion that indicate the student’s line of thought; clearly defined paragraphs that have interconnectivity; accurate grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction.

• The questions should be answered in regards to the UK English Law. (Marine Insurance Act 1906 and Insurance Act 2015). Do not use any other country legislation.

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