LC9701: The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has Recently Seen an Increase: Interpersonal Skills and Proposal Writing Assignment, SP, Singapore

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University Singapore Polytechnic School of Business (SP)
Subject LC9701: Interpersonal Skills and Proposal Writing


This assessment evaluates your ability to:

  1. Collect relevant data to identify the needs of the target community
  2. Organise and analyse information
  3. Write a formal persuasive proposal according to the standard format and conventions;

Project Description

The Scenario (Context)

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has recently seen an increase in the rate of youth facing challenges due to complex changes in our society and family structures. The age group that they are particularly interested in is 15-30 years old.

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MSF is concerned about the rising challenges and hopes to help youths facing the challenges. You can propose either a prevention or intervention approach to your proposed idea. However, note that they are not interested in a pure counselling service as they have many setups available already in the counselling online and face to face counselling spaces. There are also some programmes and courses that are available by most of the agencies to raise awareness of the issues.

MSF will co-fund at least 40% of any proposal that meets the needs of the target community that you have identified.

Your organization is called YouthCan. You have been established since 2018 and have been conducting youth programmes. You have a team of strong youth coordinators who have been reaching out to youths facing challenges and already established a strong counselling programme. Now you have been tasked by MSF to come up with a novel idea to tackle any of the challenges that can help any of the youth to manage the issues faced by them.

Below are the categories that MSF would like your organization to consider.

  1. Addiction (*Gaming addiction will not be allowed as it is in the sample already) e.g. smoking, substance abuse, Netflix, etc.
  2. Mental Health e.g. depression, stress, insomnia, etc.
  3. Youth Violence and abuse
  4. Cyberbullying
  5. Special needs e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, etc.
  6. Teen Suicide
  7. Lack of intergenerational communication with grandparents
  8. Poor social skills or lack of civic consciousness
  9. Phobia related areas
  10. Any other area approved by your lecturer

Your Task (Purpose and Audience)


  1. Referring to the scenario above choose your target youth group, age-range and specific problem e.g. youth with smoking addiction aged 15-17
  2. Conduct research to identify the current problem of specific target youth community and the challenges they face. E.g. Youth with addiction to smoking.
  3. You can decide on only one of the following types of solutions for the problem faced by the target youth community.
  • product
  • Service
  • facility/amenity
  • Programme that is at least 3-6 months long.

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