LAW303: Ms Lim Siew Ling is suing her sister-in-law, Ms Neo Choon Sian, for calling her a “rotten woman” after throwing a bunch of bananas: Law of Business Organisations Case Study, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject LAW303: Law of Business Organisations


Ms. Lim Siew Ling is suing her sister-in-law, Ms. Neo Choon Sian, for calling her a “rotten woman” after throwing a bunch of bananas at her during Ms. Lim’s father-in-law’s funeral wake. Ms. Neo told a guest at the wake about Ms. Lids’ relationship with a married man, whom she had identified. Ms. Neo also accused Ms. Lim of misappropriation, .coney from the company, Prime Cars Credit (PCC), and paying herself a high salary. There w- no evidence to support the accusation of misappropriation.

PCC was set up by Ms. Lim’s husband Jacky. After his death, she inherited his shares and took over the running of PCC. She is seeking more than s4 million in damages in a defamation suit.

Ms. Nea made the remarks at the wake which was a solemn occasion. The statements were made in the presence of staff, business associates, and customers of PCC.

Ms. Lim had admitted in other court proceedings that the married man w end. Further, Ms. Neo made a comment on a public YouTube video of Ms. Lim’s singing. cf ‘ring that “Ms. Lim is the worst singer I’ve ever heard.”

Ms. Neo also posted this further comment on Ms. Lim’s picture in Ms. Lim’s Facebook N “‘ I his person sucks at applying makeup. I could do a better job with my eyes closed.”

Ms. Lim is angry and claims that all these statements are defamatory and is claiming a further sum of money in damages from Ms. Neo.

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