KIT404/324: What Does it Mean for An Organization to Align its Organizational Strategy with its Business Process Architecture: Business Process Innovation Report, Singapore

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University University of Tasmania (UoT)
Subject KIT404/324: Business Process Innovation


This item is an In-Semester – individual assignment. You are to gain a better understanding of business process management by researching and answering the question below in the format of the report including the introduction, the significance of the topic, answering each question in one section and conclusion and the list of the used academic references.

The marks obtained for this assignment count 20% towards the total mark for the unit KIT404/324 Business Process Innovation. Please use Harvard style for your references.

Research Topic and questions

This report should answer the following three questions and use examples and academic references to justify each answer. Here are three questions:

  • What does it mean for an organization to align its organizational strategy with its business process architecture and subsequently its ICT strategy?
  • Why is it important for an organization to align these elements of its environment?
  • What difficulties might an organization experience if it does not align these elements of its environment?

For the first question, the report should illustrate how to align these elements for an organization, and it should use a case study to give a more specific answer. For the second question, the report should give at least three reasons to explain why it is important with providing examples and using academic references. Finally, this report should indicate the difficulties of the lack of alignment among these elements in an organisation with provided examples and academic references.

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