Jacob Comes Across Much Interesting Credit Card Offers on the RZN Bank’s Facebook Page: Law Report, NUS, Singapore

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Jacob comes across much interesting credit card offers on the RZN Bank’s Facebook page. He makes a few inquiries through a trainee marketing officer using a customer hotline. He proceeds to download the credit card application form from the RZN bank webpage which he accesses through a link on RZN’s Facebook page. He completes the form without reading all the clauses.

He immediately calls the same customer hotline of RZN Bank and informs the Bank to block the card as he had misplaced it; however, nothing in writing is sent to the bank in this regard, as required by the terms and conditions in the form he signed when he obtained the credit card.

Jacob received the Credit Card Statement on the 28th of July and this statement contained details of transactions that took place during the months of June and July. He contacted the supermarkets and stores from which the goods were purchased during such time and found out that the signature placed on the receipt was significantly different from his own, that appeared on his credit card. Jacob lodges a complaint at the police station a few days after this discovery.


1.Conduct an interview with your module lecturer/tutor who will play the role of Jacob.

2. Write a report,

a. Identifying the main legal issues relevant to this scenario.

b. Advising Hardin on a course of action.

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