Introduction to the Company and Provide some Background and current state of the company: Marketing Coursework, SUSS, Singapore

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Executive Summary

1.Introduction to the company

(a) Introduction to the company and provide some background and current state of the company. Describe the range of products that they are currently marketing. Identify and describe briefly the company’s current marketing goals and objectives.

(b) Vision

(c) Mission

(d)Key players in the industry – who are the big players and briefly describe them

2.(a) Long Term Business Goals – 3 to 5 years goals

(b) Short Term Business Goals – 1 to 3 years goals

3.Value creation – describe how value is created for the customers – Use Value Chain Analysis – Lecture 1

4.PESTEL Analysis in which the company is operating in. (Minimum 5 points for each quadrant. (Lecture 2) – Use a table

(a)Political – 5 points

(b)Economics – same as above





5. Industry Analysis – Use Porter’s 5 Forces, (Lecture 2)

(a)Entry Barrier – explain 3 to 5 lines

(b)Substitutes – explain 3 to 5 lines




Base on the above analysis is level of attractiveness in the industry is  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Provide some form of conclusion

6. Micro Analysis (Lecture 2)

(a)Customer – 3 to 5 lines

(b)Suppliers – 3 to 5 lines




7. Competitors Analysis – at least 2 competitors. – Just state and list down the information. Identify the respective strategy and support with evidence,

Competitor 1 – Your BrandCompetitor 2 – Your Competitor

8.SWOT Analysis for the firm – Evaluate the entire firm

(a)S – about 5 to 8 lines each




9. Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning and Competitive Advantage – Marketing Strategy Formulation


  • Demographic
  • Psychographic,
  • Behavioral
  • Geographical

Be specific as you explain each of the element above

(b)Target Market – describe the target market profile

(c)Differentiation – explain how the product is different from its competitor

(d)Positioning – draw the positioning map and identify your positioning strategy

(e) Competitive Advantage – explain how the firm is able to achieve its competitive advantage

10. Marketing objective/s for the chosen product – One or two objectives will do. Use SMART goals when stating the objectives.

11. Marketing Strategies – Growth Strategies

(a) Competitive Behaviour – describe the competitors competitive behavior

(b)Describe which form of attack strategy you will adopt and why – identify and stately clearly your attack strategy

(c)Ansoff Matrix – clearly explain how the firm will use Ansoff matrix as a marketing strategy

12. The Marketing Strategies – 4ps or 7ps – Must be detailed and identify the appropriate strategy for each P.

(a)Product – ensure all the components of products are included

(b) Price – factors affecting pricing strategy, state and explain clearly the pricing strategy

(c)  Place – explain direct or indirect distribution, state and explain clearly the distribution strategy

(d)  Promotion – Choose only 2 out of the 5 promotional mix

13. TimeLine and Rollout plan – Gantt Chart – time and activity

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