Imagine you are Recently hired as a Digital Marketing Director Your task is to Review SPCA’s Current Social Media and Website Strategies: Digital Marketing Coursework, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Digital Marketing

SPCA offers various types of animal welfare services in Singapore.   Imagine you are recently hired as a digital marketing director.  Your task is to review SPCA’s current social media and website strategies, and develop an integrated digital marketing strategy to create awareness, engage the target audience and start conversion.

Part A Social Media Strategy

SPCA has a social presence on Facebook and Instagram.   It needs to attract more people to follow them and interact with them through these two social media platforms regularly.

Question 1

Review SPCA’s Facebook page and identify any two areas that improvements needed to encourage interactions on its Facebook page.   How can SPCA develop a Facebook social media strategy to build engagement?

Question 2

Review SPCA’s Instagram account and identify any two areas that improvements needed to encourage its followers to share content with others.   Suggest a user-generated content strategy for SPCA to turn its target audience into advocates?

Question 3

SPCA has only 1.53K subscribers on its YouTube channel.   Develop a content marketing strategy to create brand awareness and attract more people to subscribe to SPCA’s channel.  You need to justify your suggestions.

Part B Website Strategy

SPCA wants to create awareness of its adoption service among Singaporeans.  Refer to SPCA’s webpage for the adoption service.

Question 4

Identify and discuss any two problems associated with the visual design, colour, typography or layout of the SPCA adoption web page.

Question 5

What changes would you make to solve these two problems identified in Question 4?

Question 6

Develop an SEO strategy to drive traffic to its adoption service web page.  The aims are to build engagement and encourage conversion.  Justify your SEO strategy with valid reasons.

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