ICT301 : Find a case related to Enterprise Architecture (EA), Introduce the Case, and Discuss how the Documentation Framework in the Case is Different from the EA3 cube Framework Tn the Textbook: Enterprise Architectures Essay, MU, Singapore

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University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject ICT 301 : Enterprise Architectures

In this assignment, you will find a case related to Enterprise Architecture (EA), introduce the case, and discuss how the documentation framework in the case is different from the EA3 cube framework in the textbook.

Your report could follow the structure below (though you do not have to):

Introduction – provide the background and purpose(s) of this report

Case Description – briefly introduce the case

Architecture in the case – Discuss the EA framework in the case (e.g., different levels, EA components)

Comparison – Discuss how the EA framework in the case is different from the EA3 cube framework in the textbook (table can be used)

Conclusion – State the benefits of the EA framework implemented in the case; Discuss if the EA framework in the case is more appropriate in the context of the case than the EA3 cube framework (if so, why; if not, why not). It is possible that the EA framework, in this case, is quite similar to the EA3 cube framework. You could argue that it is just an adapted version of the EA3 cube framework.

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