How the iPhone Lost its Luxury Social Status in China : International Marketing Essay, UoB, Singapore

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University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject International Marketing

“How the iPhone Lost its Luxury Social Status in China” (October 16, 2020), by Tiffany Lung  :

a) Would you say that Apple’s initial entry into China was propelled by the global myth of international brands? How did Apple influence consumer perceptions to gain market share in China?

b) How does a luxury good compare with a consumer good? Why was the Apple iPhone considered to be a luxury good in China?

c) Conduct a PESTEL analysis of the current marketplace of smart phones in China. Then, comment on why the Apple iPhone is losing its hold in China.

d) Will the Apple iPhone maintain its prototypical brand status in other overseas markets? What marketing strategies do you think it should adopt to sustain its position in these other overseas markets?

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Question 1

Laws that regulate each aspect of the marketing mix may differ between countries. Drawing on examples from the food industry, illustrate how an international firm may address this issue.

Question 2

Identify the factors that characterize a global brand. To what extent does country-of-origin play a role in determining a brand’s global status.

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