HKDSEE English Language Paper 4 – Apprenticeship programmes in Switzerland:An apprenticeship is a formal, on-the-job training programme through which a trainee learns a marketable craft or trade under the guidance of a master craftsman or tradesman, Singapore

University The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Subject HKDSEE English Language Paper 4 - Apprenticeship programmes in Switzerland

Hong Kong Examinations And Assessment Authority Hong Kong Diploma Of Secondary Education Examination 2013:



This paper consists of two parts: Part A, Group Interaction; and Part B, Individual Response.

PART A Group Interaction

You will be given 10 minutes to prepare. The time allowed for the group interaction is 8 minutes (or 6 minutes for a group of 3 candidates). You may make notes on the notecard provided and refer to your notes during them discussion.

Apprenticeship programmes in Switzerland

An apprenticeship is a formal, on-the-job training programme through which a trainee learns a marketable craft or trade under the guidance of a master craftsman or tradesman.

In Switzerland, apprenticeships are a critical part of the secondary education system, and most students complete an apprenticeship even if they plan to pursue post-secondary education in the future. Almost 70% of students between the ages of 16 and 19 participate in a dual-enrollment track which allows them to study one to two days per week in a vocational education and training (VET) programme and spend the rest of their time in a paid-on-the-job training programme that lasts three to four years.

One of the main benefits of the Swiss apprenticeship system is that students of all socio-economic and ability levels are engaged in this form of learning. The popularity of the apprenticeship system is proof that these programmes are not just for people who can’t get into university.

Moreover, because students entering dual-track VET programmes are often high performers, they are no less academic than students who chose university education rather than vocational training or dual education. As a result, Swiss dual-track VET students are likely to enter the workplace well prepared for work and having strong academic skills.

English-Language-Paper-4 :Apprenticeship programmes in Switzerland

Your group is looking into the possibility of introducing apprenticeship programmes to school students. You may want to talk about:

  • the differences between apprenticeships and traditional schooling
  • whether Hong Kong students and parents would be open to the idea of apprenticeship programmes
  • how to get support from employers to take part in apprenticeship programmes
  • anything else you think is important

PART B Individual Response
The examiner will ask you one or more questions based on Part A. You will have up to 1 minute to respond.

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