H3619C: A Tanjong Pager area hotel’s wellness center, Lotus, currently offers spa and facial services As the hotel is moving towards a holistic wellness: Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Operations Management Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject H3619C: Wellness Lifestyle and Spa Operations Management

A Tanjong Pager area hotel’s wellness center, Lotus, currently offers spa and facial services. As the hotel is moving towards a holistic wellness approach to meet customers’ demands, the hotel management is considering rejuvenating Lotus’ business portfolio to include more all-rounded wellness services and products.

The hotel management is also keen to adopt current wellness trends and to heed the call for sustainability by the Singapore government which customers are also becoming more aware of.

The following is the fact sheet of Lotus:

  1. Lotus takes up 3000 sq. ft. of space on the 10th-floor open-air rooftop of the hotel
  2. On the same floor, there is a swimming pool, gym, exercise studio, and outdoor garden with a footpath and a small open area
  3. Surrounding the hotel at the Tanjong Pagar area are shopping centers and office towers
  4. Located in the hotel are two restaurants and a café
  5. Lotus currently serves mainly in-house hotel guests
  6. Lotus is decorated in a luxury minimalist style
  7. Lotus’ facilities include four single treatment rooms, one couple treatment room, separate male/female shower, and locker room with jacuzzi and sauna
  8. Within Lotus, there is a small lounge area for guests to relax on sofas and armchairs
  9. On the same level, there is an unused small kitchen originally meant to offer snacks and cocktails for pool guests
  10. As Spa Manager, you oversee the center, pool, and fitness facilities
  11. Lotus spa menu currently offers three types of massages treatments using generic skincare products
  12. Therapists earn basic pay and commissions on treatment performed

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