University Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East
Subject Fire Safety Manager

Part 1: Formulation Of Emergency Response Plan

Formulate an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) so that it would help you to organize a safe evacuation of the occupants for a 65-storey commercial office building comprising a reception lobby with a cafe (Level 1), offices (Level 2-60) above ground, and 5 levels of the basement car park (Level B1-B5). Level 20 and 40 are designed as open-air refuge floor.

  • Building configuration is “Fictitious”
  • ERP should not be merely “fill in the blanks”
  • We need “substance” not “cosmetic”
  • Using the format given is acceptable; however, merely filling in the blank will not get you any extra marks
  • Must be detailed, comprehensive
  • Drawings are compulsory (include your escape direction).
  • Indicate Emergency Assembly Area (EAA) on your site plan

Note: You have to decide which evacuation model to use, the evacuation models are provided in the Course Handout, Supplementary Notes, and the latest SCDF Guidelines. To help you in this part of the project, read up notes on the Emergency Response Plan. Action to be taken by each member of the action teams should be clearly indicated to facilitate Part 2 of this course project.

Use the ERP Template provided to assist in your submission.

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Part 2: Chronology Of Events (Scenario-Based)

Describe in detail the envisaged chronological order of activities in the scenario below:

Scenario: 1st stage Fire Alarm Activated…

This part is to test you on the evacuation process and procedure. You are the Designate FSM when this happens. After your personnel (Security, Wardens, or CERT) have investigated the alarm, they reported “Confirmed Fire!!” and the situation was deemed NOT ABLE TO BE HANDLED by them; describe how the situation should flow from thereon.

Use the table of chronology to assist in your submission.

Part 3: Training Management Plan For Preparedness

Formulate a training management plan and describe in details how you are going to organize the training for the following group of personnel:

  • Fire Safety Committee (FSC); Incident Management Team (IMT);
  • Site Main Controller (SMC); Site Incident Controller (SIC);
  • CERT Response Team Members (CERT-RT Members);
  • Evacuation Warden Team (EWT);Evacuation Assembly Area Team (EAAT);
  • In-Place Protection Team (IPPT)
  • First Aid Team (FAT); Tenants and Other Occupants; and
  • Other Relevant Personnel specific to your premise/building.

Please draw a training matrix/calendar to show what monthly fire safety activities you have in mind for the next calendar year from Jan to Dec. The next few pages should be spent on elaborating the activities that you have highlighted in the training calendar. Make reference to the National CERT Standard.

Use the Table of Training Management Plan provided to assist in your submission.

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