FarHorizon Private Ltd Company is well known for its welfare activities and employee oriented schemes in the manufacturing industry: Talent Acquisition Assignment, SMU, Singapore

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University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Talent Acquisition

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the project, learners will be able to:-
1. Develop a job description for recruitment and selection.
2. Explain the process of talent acquisition using staffing models and techniques for
sourcing, screening, assessing, and interviewing candidates.
3. Recommend ways to improve the quality of hire using job analysis, hiring
analytics, HR planning, employer branding as well as leveraging social

FarHorizon Private Ltd Company is well known for its welfare activities and employee oriented schemes in the manufacturing industry for more than ten decades. The company employs more than 800 workers and 150 administrative staff and 80 management-level employees. The Top-level management views all the employees at the same level.

The company has 2 different cafeterias at different places, one near the plant for workers and others near the Administration building. Though the place is different, the amenities, infrastructure, and the food provided are of the same quality. In short, the company stands by the rule of employee equality.

The company is not a paymaster in that industry. The compensation policy of that company, when compared to other similar companies, is below the market average. However, employees don’t have many grievances due to the other benefits provided by the company.

Recently, the company is facing a countable number of problems in supplying the materials in the recent past days. Problems like quality issues, mismatch in packing materials (placing material A in the box of material B) incorrect labeling of material, not dispatching the material on time due to manpower shortage, etc.

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