ELG354: Review an Existing *Play Space/ Learning Center that Promotes Language & Literacy: Language and Literacy Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject ELG354: Language and Literacy

Assessment 2

Review an existing *play space/ learning center that promotes Language & Literacy development in English

Students will seek their host teacher’s permission to document and carry out the following tasks:

1. give a brief description of the attachment class setting or design, group level, – number of children, teacher-child ratio, etc.

2. observe and describe an existing play space/ learning center of the attachment class that promotes Language & Literacy development in English (Draw a floor plan of this play space/ learning center and attach it as an appendix to your assignment)

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3. observe and describe what and how the materials are used

4. observe and describe the interactions of the educator(s) with children and interactions among children

5. evaluate and analyse how the environment set-up and the provision of materials affect children’s behaviour, learning, and interactions

6. provide practical, feasible, and appropriate suggestions for improvement to the play space/ learning center to enhance children’s learning. State the rationale for the suggestions.

7. ensure writing is objective and grammatical, showing evidence of cross-referencing to literature. Provide at least two in-text citations from 2 different sources.

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