EDF5532 This assignment requires students to work through an ethical decision-making model using the structure suggested: Ethics for counsellors Case Study, MU, Singapore

University Monash University (MU)
Subject EDF5532 - Ethics for counsellors - T4 2023

Assessment 2 Information [click here for details]
This assignment requires students to work through an ethical decision-making model using the structure suggested by Steinman, McEnroe, & Richardson (1998). This model is outlined in the Video on Moodle for Assignment 2 and a chapter of the text is included in the electronic reading list (see week 1).

Students must respond to both case vignettes. Analyze each ethical dilemma using the following sub-headings to ensure that all steps are taken to reach a satisfactory decision. See the marking criteria for further details of each element.

Part A
1. Identify the ethical issue/s (see rubric for more info about this section)
2. Ethical trap possibilities (e.g., objectivity, values, and circumstantiality)
3. Preliminary response
4. Possible consequences
5. Ethical resolution

Part B
Self reflection: “Which aspects of the dilemma do you anticipate would be professionally and personally challenging? Why? What lessons can you take into your future work as a counsellor?”

The case vignettes are located on Moodle. Students must use the set vignettes and are not able to create their own scenarios.

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Presentation requirements:

  • To do well, you will need to closely address each part of the topic and marks will be awarded on the degree to which the essay criteria are met
  • Assignments will be submitted via Moodle in PDF format, to allow markers to provide written feedback to students. Please do not submit in another format, the dropbox will only accept PDF.
  • Please indicate the total (actual) word count on the assignment.
  • Size 12 font preferred and 1.5 or double spacing.
  • Subheadings are required and they should be formatted clearly and consistently.
  • Students may use tables for section 1 parts b & c to summarise the relevant codes/legislation. These tables do not count towards the word count. Tables in other sections are not permitted.
  • A reference list should be included. This will include ethical codes and guidelines, relevant legislation, and will refer to academic literature where relevant. There is no minimum number of journal articles required for this assignment.
  • Referencing and in text citations should be formatted with APA (7th ed) style Students must address the two cases in the current unit guide and are note allowed to use alternative ethical dilemmas.
  • This task is an individual assessment.
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