ECON1348: Industry 4.0 has poised to modernize the manufacturing sector ad boost industrial competitiveness. Specifically: Business Data Analytics Assignment, RMIT, Singapore

University The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Subject ECON1348: Business Data Analytics

Industry 4.0 has poised to modernize the manufacturing sector ad boost industrial competitiveness. Specifically, it couples with emerging technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, and robotics, to increase productivity and reduce costs and thus digitally transformed the manufacturing sector into the “smart factory”.

Although Industry 4.0 has great benefits, it also has a significant impact on the manufacturing workforce. Potentially it disrupts the manufacturing processes and also the future of the manufacturing workforce and leads to controversial debates such as fear of jobs being taken by robots, ethical choices between job losses and profit, etc.

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IntelliAuto is an automobile parts manufacturer with 5000 employees. The organization has a plan in place to move towards a digital manufacturing factory in the next 5 years. Although the digital plan is at its infant stage, IntelliAuto wishes to study its full-time workforce by developing a profile of employees that measures factors such as income, job satisfaction, career progress, etc.

The current aim is to better understand the employees of the organization. In addition, the study also helps to better prepare for a negotiation with unions in the future when the organization is in transition to a digital manufacturing factory. Katrina de Jong, the Chief Human Resource Officer, hires Datos Lab Corporation (DLC), a consulting firm, to survey IntelliAuto employees and communicate the results.

A survey of a random sample of 1000 employees was conducted. In this assessment, you play the role of Misha Toutou, a data analyst at DLC. Katrina has written to you regarding her requests and/or queries relating to the employee survey. Her email to you is reproduced below.

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