University Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
Subject ECON1085: International Monetary Economics

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyse the concept of a nation’s balance of payments to examine the economic importance of changes in a nation’s net foreign wealth position.
  2. Synthesize and evaluate theories of exchange rate determination.
  3. Assess the policy options available in an open macroeconomic environment.
  4. Evaluate the extent to which macroeconomic policy effectiveness is affected by macroeconomic openness.
  5. Assess the implications of a government’s choice between a fixed and a floating exchange rate regime.

You will apply research and critical thinking skills to inform strategic approaches, solutions and options Graduate Outcomes supported:

This assessment supports the following graduate outcomes.

  1. Work-ready
  2. Global in outlook
  3. Innovative
  4. Life-long learner

Assessment Details:

Executive Summary Report

“RegionEcon is an economics consultancy firm with 50 Economists working in various locations around the world. Their clients are both private sector and Government based with interest in the current status and future directions of important global macroeconomic variables and resulting country forecasts for the medium-term.

The analysis provided by RegionEcon provides clients in the Singaporean market valuable information on their interaction and exposure to international markets including not only the Asian pacific region but also the United States, the Eurozone, and key emerging market players.

Assessment of expectations regarding growth trends based on relative interest rates, the value of the domestic currency, commodity markets, and expected policy directions are provided”.

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You are a graduate employee at “RegionEcon” research and you have been allocated to a team asked to provide some current research on a client market of your team’s choice. (This can be any major economy in the world for which you can access information for key economy variables).

The audience for the research and the executive summary is the manager of the regional “country” division you have chosen to study and will be passed on to the client (the large company operating in your country of choice) once reviewed by your manager. The task is to produce an assessment of likely changes in key economic variables for that market and the implications of those changes on broader macroeconomic conditions.

Your group’s contribution is to present an application of the course theory for a chosen economy. Your assessment of the International Macroeconomic conditions of your market will support the client by-

  • Helping clients to Be better equipped to make the right strategic business decisions
  • Plan more effectively when entering new markets
  • Understand the bigger picture when making investment appraisals
  • Be better prepared for the policy or regulatory change
  • Influence policy-makers, officials, regulators, customers, or the public with greater authority

You are required to develop a research strategy supported by the set of tasks listed below. Drawing on that research you are then required to draft an Executive summary report (1200-1400 word) highlighting the key points of your findings and providing an assessment of expectations regarding relative interest rates, the value of the domestic currency, commodity markets, and expected policy directions.

For example, What likely market and policy changes might drive movements in exchange rates, and why? what can theory tell us about the implications of monetary and fiscal policy on international monetary flows? How might trade in both goods and services and assets impact the balance of payments? What does this mean by applying an economic perspective? How might trade and policy changes – both current and expected impact on internal and external balance, domestic saving and consumption practices, and likely economic growth trends?

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