My assignment has 2 parts, 1. Brief – 2 pages max 2. Industrial analysis – equations/calculations/graphs.

The topic is on Monopoly, whatever methods I have learned ONLY must be applied in answering the questions. As for industrial analysis, there are no max pages. You’ll have to answer the given questions using the methods I have learned, all equation/calculation/graph-based thus I roughly put 4 pages but it may or may not exceed.

Decision-makers in government rely on the advice of experts when formulating policy or discharging their statutory responsibilities. In this assignment, you will take the role of an expert economist, employed by a government department. An expert economist’s role in the government decision-making process is two-fold.

  • Analysis: Experts use specialist knowledge and skills to analyze the likely outcomes of different policy options. Experts then evaluate the policies against the government’s objectives and statutory obligations.
  • Communication: Experts must communicate their findings to ministers and senior public servants, who, in many instances, do not share the expert’s specialized knowledge.

This assignment will assess your aptitude in both of these domains. You will analyze a policy scenario detailed in section 2. Your Industry Analysis will form the basis for a policy brief —a short report —summarising your recommendations and rationale.

The policy question is open-ended. This is extremely typical of the tasks you will encounter in the workplace. The challenge is to approach an open-ended question in a systematic and logical manner, drawing on your technical expertise as an economist.

  • Formatting requirements:  Your assignment must be typed using Microsoft Word, or a similar word processor. Both parts of the assignment should be included in the same document with the brief placed before the industry analysis. The document should have a professional appearance, appropriate to a government workplace. Format your assignment as follows:
  1. Use A4 sized paper with all margins at least 2.5cm.
  2. Body text to be 12pt and black. (There is no minimum line spacing.)
  3. All pages to be numbered.
  4. DO NOT include a cover sheet or table of contents.
  • Grading:  There are a total of 100 marks available in this assignment (50 marks for the industry analysis and 50 marks for the brief), and the assignment contributes 40% of your grade for Price Theory. The marks allocated to each step of the industry analysis are detailed in section
  • The marking criteria for the brief can be found in the rubric detailed in section
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