University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Computer Science

Assignment Details:

Question1. Describe and demonstrate the aspects of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment relating to technical implementation, common practices, legality and ethics.
Question2. Identify, describe and compare a range of different types of digital security threat and indicate how they are exploited and mitigated.
Question3. Use appropriate tools to discover the structure of a network and the characteristics of the devices connected to it.

Common Practices, Legality, Ethical Dilemmas and Dimensions in Penetration Testing

This section should include the following;-
a) Introduction
b) Ethics and Penetration Testing
c) Relationship between Ethics and Penetration Testing
d) Ethical Dilemmas and Dimensions
e) Conclusion

Digital Security Threats And Their Mitigation

This section should include the following;-
a) Introduction
b) Two recent digital security threats targeted large organization
c) Different ways to mitigate those threats
e) Conclusion
f) Suggestion

Hacking Techniques, Tools and Frameworks

List of Domains:
a) Foot-Printing and Reconnaissance
b) Computer and Network Scanning
c) Social Engineering
d) System Enumeration and Hacking.

This section should include the following;-
a) Introduction to the tool/technique or framework that you have chosen.
b) General features and functions of the chosen tool/technique or framework.
c) Advantages and Disadvantages of the chosen tool/technique or framework
d) Demonstration of the usage of the tool/technique/or framework (provide detailed instructions along with screenshots)
e) Critical analysis of the tool /technique/ or framework in comparison with other similar tools/ techniques and frameworks.

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