Critically Review, Analyze, and Reflect on the La Planca et al. (2013) Article: COVID-19 Reflective Essay Assignment, NUS, Singapore

University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Reflective Essay

Assignment Question:

Critically review, analyze, and reflect on the La Planca et al. (2013) article to discuss how the Knight McNaught framework for wellbeing can be applied to the recent Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore.


The unforeseen changes to society from the global response to the Covid-19 Pandemic have had wide-reaching consequences across many areas of the wellbeing dimensions. Using the La Planca et al (2013) article as a base, consider how the Knight McNaught framework can be linked to wellbeing concepts and the effects for people across the wellbeing dimensions.

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This is a reflective essay, so when talking about yourself and your perception, it is acceptable to use the pronouns “I, we, me, my”.


  • Outline main ideas and author’s thesis, state own thesis statement, and your ideas about the article in relation to your topic


  • Main ideas of the article – who, what, when, where, how, why


  • How does (or doesn’t) the information relate to the current situation?
  • How does the framework apply during the Covid-19 Pandemic?


  • How has your wellbeing been affected by the social changes enforced with Covid-19?
  • What resources have you found useful in supporting your wellbeing?
  • Define wellbeing dimensions and use at least two within your reflection.


  • Restate your thesis, summarise your main ideas, include a call for action or a takeaway thought for the reader.
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