Contemporary issues and strategies in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GLSCM), Singapore

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Assignment Brief:

You are part of an Asian-Pacific conference advisory team to organise a conference about “Contemporary issues and strategies in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GLSCM)”. You could refer to the examples in the lecture and research – enriched discussions to find more information. You have been asked to suggest FIVE different themes for this conference. Themes are the main criteria that conference papers and presentations must be relevant to and must be related and beneficial to GLSCM and crucial in the view of both researchers and practitioners. Conference delegates are university academics and post graduate students and also some executive business leaders of global organizations around Europe. You will critically justify the selection of these themes, which could represent current contemporary issues and research and business hot topics in GLSCM with the support of up to date peer reviewed academic journal articles. As part of justification, you will critically analyse these themes and importance of them to be part of this Asian-pacific conference both theoretically and practically. You are expected to present these FIVE themes very clearly.

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