Construct a solution algorithm for the following problems: Introduction to Computer Science, Assignment, HU, Singapore

Subject Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science – Part 1

Construct a solution algorithm for the following problems. Your solution should contain:
▪ A defining problem
▪ A pseudo code algorithm
▪ A desk check of the algorithm

Three test cases for each question. Two valid and one error test case

Question 1

The Next-Day Delivery Service Provider provides the parcel delivery service within Singapore. The delivery charge is calculated based parcel weight shown below in the table,

Introduction to Computer Science

Design an algorithm that will prompt for, receive the parcel weight, calculate the delivery charge and print the value. The program is to repeat the processing until a sentinel weight of 0 is entered.

Question 2

If you buy a property, you must pay the Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD). It is calculated by multiplying the purchase price of the property with the stamp duty rate based on either residential or non-residential property as shown below in the table.

Introduction to Computer Science

For example, if the purchase price of a non-residential property is $500,000, the BSD would be $500,000 x 2.5% = $12,500. Design an algorithm that will prompt for and receive the purchase price of a property and property type (residential or non-residential) and calculate the buyer’s stamp duty and print the value.

Question 3

There is a mid-year bonus scheme in a sales organisation based on the sales performance for the first half of the year and only payout if the sales performance is on target or more (100% or more). The mid-year bonus is
computed using the formula below,

Introduction to Computer Science

Employees’ salary details are maintained in a file that contains employee ID, employee name and employee salary. Design an algorithm that will prompt for and receive the sale performance in percentage and compute the mid-year bonus for each employee in the file and print the employee ID, employee name and bonus.

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Introduction to Computer Science – Part 2

Implement the three questions algorithm in Part 1 into Java programming. Your code should contain appropriate validations and must focus on code optimisation. You need to submit:

  • Three Java code
  • For each question explain (100-150 words) how the logic works.
  •  Three sample output screenshots
  • Two normal and one error test cases

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