University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Change Management

Assignment 1

Task Description: For this task, you need to write a 1200-word critical essay in which you: “Compare and contrast ‘planned change’ and ‘unplanned (emergent) change’ theories, models or frameworks. Give current examples within your organisation and critically evaluate the contexts with which they are used. Identify what are internal and external forces that influence ‘planned’ and ‘unplanned’ change?“

For this essay you will need to:

  • Compare and contrast planned change and unplanned (emergent) change theories, models, or frameworks.
  • Provide current examples of planned and unplanned change within your healthcare sector (if you are not in the healthcare sector then use examples from your field e.g. corporate, public health, etc.) and critically evaluate the contexts with which they are used.
  • Discuss what are the internal and external forces that influence ‘planned’ and ‘unplanned’ change
  • Write a 1200-word essay in a word document format, using at least six (6) peer-reviewed, contemporary scholarly sources no later than 10 years old to support your argument.

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The essay should contain the following:

  • Introduction: briefly explain the topic of the text by offering background information and any definitions that might be required to assist your reader.
  • Content knowledge: present a critical, balanced discussion and evaluation of the statement providing extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources to support your claims.
  • Conclusion: reiterate and summarise the main points of the essay.
  • Referencing: Appropriate referencing style is to be used for this assessment to support your argument.
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